The Minister of Immigration responds to critics of her crossing the canal in a carpet in a western village (video)


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Commenting on her visit to Al-Farstaq village, which is affiliated with the Basyoun Center in Gharbia Governorate, as a prelude to launching the presidential initiative “Survival Ships” in Gharbia, the Minister of Immigration, Ambassador Nabila Makram said that the village is one of the villages producing in the governorate and employs 7000 people in the manufacture of paints, ceramics and pottery and has more Of 350 factories operating in the field of pottery, porcelain and paints.

The Minister added, in a phone call, tonight, that the initiative aims to combat illegal immigration in the governorates most exporting to this phenomenon, by raising awareness of the dangers of the phenomenon, as well as supporting and rehabilitating young people in different villages, accompanied by Dr. Tariq Rahmi, the Governor of the West, Dr. Ahmed Atta, Deputy Governor Gharbia, and each of Khaled Mesbah, Fouad Hassab Allah and Sameh Habib, Representatives of Basyoun and Qutour.

Commenting on the image spread on the social media crossing the canal over a carpeted bridge, the minister said that she does not see the comments of the media media on the carpet image as much as she sees the successes that she saw in the village, noting that “the people who decided to brush the carpet are simple people who wanted to welcome the officials Who decided to visit ».

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