The Minister of Petroleum creates a surprise about lifting subsidies on gas cylinders


Engineer Tariq Al-Mulla said that the Minister of Petroleum and Mineral Resources said that the ministry worked during the last period to expand the delivery of natural gas to homes, after the self-sufficiency of natural gas was achieved in September 2018 at the level of production of 6.5 billion feet, in addition to that the production of gas was increased By 60% over the past year compared to the 2016 average.

During the workshop organized by the Future Party, to discuss the challenges of the Ministry of Petroleum and Mineral Resources to keep abreast of global developments, Al Mulla added that the ministry expanded in research and exploration activities as the ministry launched 5 bids with a total of 57 sectors, signed 40 petroleum agreements, and committed to drilling 143 A well, besides committing investments with a minimum of $ 3.6 billion, and granting a signature of about $ 765 million.

The Minister of Petroleum and Mineral Resources confirmed that the ministry freed the price of gasoline, but the state still supports the butane cylinder and cannot be removed from it because of the large cylinder that citizens represent.

Participated in the workshop, which was led by MP Rasha Ramadan, Secretary of Women in the party, Engineer Osama Kamal Amin, Secretariat of Energy and Environmental Affairs in the party, MP Talat Al Suwaidi, Chairman of the Energy and Environment Committee in the House of Representatives, MP Issam Barakat, Deputy of the Committee, Engineer Ashraf Rashad Al Sharif, head of the party, Eng. Hussam al-Khouli, the party’s general secretary, Muhammad al-Jarhi, and the adviser, Ekmelallah Faruq, assistant party general secretaries, secretaries and members of the party’s central secretariat offices, party offices in some governorates, and members of the party’s parliament.

It is noteworthy that the Future of the Homeland party organized several dialogue sessions in the presence of a number of ministers to listen to their vision and future work plan. For example, the vision of the Minister of Planning, Minister of Communications, Youth and Sports, Education, Housing, and Endowments was heard, and more of these sessions are expected to be held. During the coming days to complete, the ministers reviewed the work mechanism during the coming period.

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