The Minister of Transport calls for stopping the phenomenon of infringement on the main road


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Engineer Kamel al-Wazir, Minister of Transport, reviewed a number of priority files in the Ministry during the current period, and the measures that the Ministry took regarding them, during the meeting of the Board of Governors yesterday, headed by Dr. Mustafa Madbouly, Prime Minister.

The Minister mentioned the required procedures to remove the encroachments on the lands and properties of the National Railroad of Egypt in some governorates, which vary between the encroachments of people like buildings, kiosks, shops, markets, and other infringements and abuses by the local units in the governorates.

The Minister also pointed out the importance of activating cooperation between the governorates and the Railways Authority to stop the phenomenon of reopening the random crossings on the network lines after their closure, as well as activating the role of localities and security directorates in the governorates in sustaining the closure of these random crossings, pointing to the proposed measures to remove the obstacles hindering the development of the slopes The incident on the railway network, pointing out that some obstacles in this regard were listed by 108 lubricants in 19 governorates, represented by the presence of works such as: the establishment of kiosks, shops, markets, and parking lots, explaining the proposed measures to develop the lanes.

Eng. Kamel the Minister also pointed out the importance of cooperation with the General Authority for Roads, Bridges, and Land Transport in dealing with the phenomenon of encroaching on the main and highway campuses represented in the construction of the violating buildings inside it, which impedes the development work and future expansions of these roads and turns them into local roads that are not safe for their passage within the residential blocks.

The Minister noted the need to expedite the implementation of expropriation decisions and the work of facility transfers to ensure that programs for the implementation of road and bridging projects are not delayed and benefit from the investments allocated to them in the budget of the authority, pointing out on the other hand to the efforts that are being made to limit the construction of random bumps on the road network implemented by the people and some Local administrations are not in conformity with the specifications, which leads to the occurrence of paving problems, the most important of which is to pave the way, and to what may cause accidents.

He pointed to the need to assist the Roads and Bridges Authority in overcoming difficulties to implement the new project to develop and raise the efficiency of local roads within the governorates, and he also noted the efforts to remove slums under the bridges of the Roads and Bridges for their danger to the safety of origin and not to license any activity below the bridges except after coordination and approval from the Roads and Bridges Land transportation, especially the ring road bridges, the middle ring road and the regional ring road.

The Minister of Transport also touched on the required role of the neighborhoods of the Greater Cairo governorates, with regard to setting a sustainable waste collection system at the bottom of the ring road around Greater Cairo, noting also to develop a plan to replace and renew the ferries currently operating on the Nile (individuals and vehicles) that follow the governorates in several stages under Supervision of the River Transport Authority.

The Minister appealed to the governorates to assist the River Transport Authority in establishing river ports, due to its importance and to serve the governorates, and to provide job opportunities for the citizens of the governorates and to accelerate the necessary procedures to allocate the lands necessary for the establishment of these ports.

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