The most prominent statements of Muhammad Ramadan: “The boycotters are a point in the Republican sea, and there is no knot of the leader.”


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The most prominent statements of Muhammad Ramadan

Artist Mohamed Ramadan, as a guest of Wael El-Ibrashy, was broadcast on “The Ninth” program on Egyptian TV, and during the episode he talked about the separated pilot crisis and boycott campaigns that were launched against him recently.

His most prominent statements were:

1. My shoulder meat belongs to the public and is among the best for the Egyptian people.
2. The boycott campaigns that were launched on Twitter are very strange, and I did not see them before, and they always kept moving on the products.
3. With all due respect to all opinions of the public, boycott campaigns are a point in the Republican Sea that loves Livni and only looks at what I offer.
4. Minus the asphalt complains that I walked on it.

5. Great honor to stand on the stage of artist Adel Imam.
6. Adel Imam is a dream for everyone to stand beside him.
7. There is no knot from Adel Imam, and he is not from my generation, so there remains a knot between me and him.
8. It was a great honor to have walked in his footsteps.

9. The artist Nour El-Sharif played the role of a drug dealer in the movie Shame .. Manche does not sell praise.
10. I asked Muhammad Imam that I represent as a guest of honor with the leader. This is something that I have the honor to honor.
11. Bassem Samra McCannish in his consciousness while assaulting him in the video of a wedding.

12. The video filmed inside the cabin of the plane, condemns the arrested pilot.
13. I have a video if the pilot, Hitzgen, gets down on a criminal charge.
14. I suggest that you pay a salary to the classroom pilot until the court rules on his case

15. I make a musical show, every song has its own clothes.
16. I reject the decision to prevent festivals from singing inside tourist establishments.
17. A division should be established for festivals within the union.

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