The National Research Center: We have the technology to manufacture the vaccine against corona virus


Dr. Mohamed Ahmed confirmed a professor of viruses in the Environmental Research Division and supervisor of the Center for Excellence in Viruses at the National Research Center that the center has the technology of reverse genetic engineering necessary to isolate all influenza viruses, including corona virus, and Dr. Mohamed Ahmed Ali, in a statement to the Middle East News Agency today, Wednesday. , That this technology is the basis for isolating viruses to produce anti-vaccines, which was successfully achieved in the production of a homemade vaccine for bird flu, stressing that work is currently being done on producing a vaccine for the Corona virus and we need the cooperation of medical devices. Well and financing.

On the other hand, the scientists and doctors participating in the symposium “Corona Virus … Causes and Prevention” organized by the Center today, sent a message of reassurance to the Egyptian people and not to intimidate infection with the virus, especially as the state has taken all necessary measures in airports, ports and hospitals .

Dr. Amal Naguib, director of the Virus Department of the Central Department of the Ministry of Health and Population laboratories, confirmed that the Ministry of Health has received the most recent virus detectors from the World Health Organization, and that precautionary measures, including (sanitary isolation), are taken on arrivals from China, pointing out that all Coming from China, and in case the injury is suspected, the patient will be transferred immediately to a fever hospital equipped for these cases.

For his part, Dr. Ahmed Abdel Mohsen, consultant of internal diseases and fevers at the Abbasid Fever Hospital, presented the most important precautions and conditions taken in the hospital to receive cases, where the first two sections were allocated isolation (quarantine), and the other to prepare in the event of any infected case, indicating that strict orders were issued The medical team has to follow preventive and sterilization procedures when dealing with suspected patients, and the necessity to follow personal hygiene procedures, wash hands constantly, and wear medical masks and gloves.

Abdel Mohsen pointed out that the Corona virus is constantly mutating and is weak outside the highly virulent human body inside it..


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