The New York Times: China worsened the Corona virus by darkening it at first


Corona virus, caused by the spread of terror globally, after the large spread of the virus and its transformation into a pandemic in a short time, and caused a large number of deaths, and an accelerating increase in the number of infections in several countries around the world, as the preparations of different countries are increasing to combat the large spread of the epidemic and protect citizens.

In light of the prevailing state of terror, “The New York Times” revealed new details about the spread of the mysterious virus, as it confirmed that the Chinese government had known about the emergence of the virus in December, but preferred to obscure the issue, rather than confront the mysterious virus, for fear of being embarrassed The politician, according to the newspaper, even went as far as to force the doctor who noticed and discovered the virus in silence.

The New York Times accused Chinese authorities of endangering the lives of citizens, saying in a report published on Sunday that the confidentiality imposed by China on the virus caused the delay of the confrontation, before it started publicly confronting the virus and its terrifying rapid spread.

In its report, the newspaper confirmed that Li Wenliang, a Chinese doctor, wrote in an online chat group, December 30, to warn fellow doctors about the spread of the virus, saying: “A mysterious disease has injured 7 in a hospital in quarantine in the emergency department,” which is what Some have called into question whether or not SARS has returned, especially if the reality of the “Corona virus” has not yet been discovered.

The New York Times revealed that health officials in the Chinese city of Wuhan, “the epicenter of the virus” and the epicenter of its spread, called the doctor and forced him to confirm that he denies what he said, and to admit that his statement about the mysterious virus is illegal.

The newspaper said, that the way the Chinese authorities deal with the virus allowed it to spread widely, especially with the choice of confidentiality rather than publicly facing the growing disease crisis, noting that it took about 7 weeks between the first symptoms of the virus appearing in early December and the government’s decision to close the city.

The New York Times denounced what it described as the Chinese government’s obfuscation, and said that in the weeks leading up to the closure of Wuhan, the authorities silenced doctors and underestimated the risks, put 11 million people in Wuhan at risk, did not warn them of the dangers, and did not give them an opportunity to protect Themselves, as they closed the fish market from which they believed that the virus had started, did not announce the real reason for the closure, but rather that the closure was for renewal.

Yanchong Huang, a fellow of the Council on Foreign Relations specializing in Chinese affairs, said: “The issue is a slack crisis and indulgence. The Ministry of Health did not take any action in Wuhan to warn people about the danger. The first case was unknown, but its history was certain in early December, and by the time Where the authorities acted on January 20, the disease had become a huge risk. “

All China did was try to control Doctor Li Wain Liang’s account, as the police announced that they were investigating with 8 people for spreading rumors of a virus and a strange disease outbreak. On the same day, the Wuhan Health Committee announced that 27 people had had pneumonia due to an unknown cause. Her statement said there was no cause for concern, adding the statement, “The disease is preventable and controllable,” according to the newspaper report.
And the New York Times report revealed that Doctor Li, an eye doctor, returned to his work on January 10 after his frustration.
Upon his return, he treated a woman with glaucoma, but he did not know that she was already infected with the Coronavirus, which he may have transmitted from her daughter, and the infection was also transferred to the doctor to me.

A worker at Sof Hanon Seafood revealed that in early December, signs of severe fever appeared on a number of workers, without knowing the reason, and they were all quarantined, after which in early January police officers appeared in the market, along with a number of public health officials To close it, while publishing reports that the closure is to renew the market, while they started washing stalls and pouring antiseptics across the different market, which is the first clear governmental response to contain the virus.


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