The President of Zamalek tells the scenes of the bus accident: all imagined sound and image to ensure our legal right


reveal Mortada Mansour, president of Zamalek Club Many important scenes in the team bus incident on the match between Zamalek and Al-Ahly in the league, which were canceled and counted Al-Ahly’s victory with two clean goals and Zamalek considered withdrawn.

Zamalek club president said in a video that was published on the official website of Zamalek club, that everything that happened in the bus accident is recorded and recorded in audio and video, and a video was recorded so that no one tries to question the legal position of Zamalek.

Mortada Mansour added, during his meeting with the first team players in preparation for the Tunisian Esperance match scheduled for tomorrow, that all the 16 players who were on the bus were professional, adding that there were some voices that confirmed that the bus included “a little children”, which is a mistake, as Farouk was Jaafar and Tariq Yahya, sons of the club Zamalek and supervisors of the ball at the club, are among those on the bus.

The President of Zamalek went on to say that Tariq Yahya gave the players of Zamalek a technical lecture in 5 minutes by bus, and all the process of selecting the players and coaches and the lecture is recorded in the video.

Regarding the slowing down of the driver during his journey from the club to the stadium, the club president said that he was in constant contact with the bus driver and the latter was answering via the external speaker of the “black speaker” phone and the speech was in front of everyone and also recorded in the video, and the President of Zamalek added that he was telling the driver where he arrived? “Take care of your tricks a little,” and repeat it 3 times, indicating that he was in a hurry for the driver to match the players.

Mortada Mansour revealed that he asked the young players who were on the bus before they went to the stadium: Would they win Al-Ahly today? The players answered, without hesitation, to the President of Zamalek, to which they responded: He kept playing the match.


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