The richest man in the world allocates $ 10 billion to fight climate change


The richest man in the world allocates $ 10 billion to fight climate change


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Jeff Bezos, CEO of the Amazon giant, announced that he will allocate 10 billion dollars to finance scientists, activists, non-profit organizations and other institutions that are fighting to protect the environment and face the effects of climate change.

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“Climate change is the biggest challenge for our planet,” Bezos said in a post on “Instagram.” I would like to work with others to expand known means and to explore new ways to combat the devastating impact of climate change on this planet that we share. ”

The Bezos Earth Fund will start making grants under the initiative this summer.

Bezos had pledged last year that the company would reach a neutral point in carbon dioxide emissions by 2040 to be the first large corporation to announce such a goal, as well as purchase 100,000 cars that deliver electricity-powered goods.

Bezos is a stubborn opponent of US President Donald Trump, who turned his back on the Paris Climate Agreement and withdrew from it, and he is the richest man in the world, and is among the growing list of wealthy people who allocate huge funds to fight the phenomenon of global warming.

Reducing harmful emissions poses a challenge to Amazon, which specializes in e-commerce, which records 10 billion deliveries a year and has a massive transportation network.

Source: “Reuters”

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