The son of the broadcaster, “Al-Nahar”, was shot by a mistake from his colleague’s class in Zamalek


The Zamalek area of ​​the Nile Palace witnessed, at dawn today, Saturday, an unfortunate incident in which the son of the presenter, Marwa Mimi, was killed, after he was shot and accidentally discharged from his colleague’s weapon.

The incident started when a young man invited his friends to stay with him inside his family’s apartment, and during that he raised a pistol inside of him with ammunition claiming to the Hazar, so a shot came out of him that settled in the body of the anchor’s son in the “Al-Nahar” channel, who died instantly.

The Palace of the Nile Police Department had received a notification of a gunshot wound and a casualty inside one of the apartments in Zamalek, and the relevant agencies moved to the place of communication immediately, and it was found that the body of a young man who died after being shot, and that he was called “Karim Hisham Abdel Tawab Al-Sawy”, 16 years old, a student in the first secondary school The anchor’s son, Marwa Mimi, at An-Nahar.

Investigations showed that, while “Karim”, with 3 of his friends, was staying inside the family apartment of one of them in Zamalek, the latter raised a tanger with live ammunition inside the case of foreplay, so a mistake came out that settled in the body of the victim who died instantly, at the second after midnight.The necessary minutes were edited, and the Public Prosecution conducted the investigation.

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