The story of the AIDS patient .. He escaped paying 750 pounds and the court punished him with one million pounds – accidents


In a tragic incident, a woman and her son discovered that her husband had AIDS in the lake, the tragedy did not lie in the past, but the husband – a worker – who deceived his wife before marriage when he did not tell her the truth about his illness, which prompted her to file a lawsuit against him and the court bound him Paying a million pounds compensation.

Omar Jawhar, the lawyer of the accused divorcee, told Al-Watan that the wife’s family and the elder families in the village, after discovering that their daughter and child were infected with AIDS due to the husband, held a customary session in which they agreed to pay 750 pounds per month for the wife, and to charge birth and treatment expenses for the mother and her son, but the accused did not He committed and did not pay any amounts for a period of 3 months, so the family resorted to the court, and compensated for the ruling against her divorce to pay one million pounds.

A security source at the Lake Security Directorate said that the accused will be arrested in the event of failure to implement the ruling, according to legal procedures, noting that the accused will be isolated in solitary confinement when he is arrested.

He explained that the accused against whom the verdict has been issued so far has not issued a decision to seize him and bring him, pointing out that the Security Directorate did not receive any decision stating that the husband was arrested or not.

“My yard asked him .. he killed me with life and killed my only son and my son Lord forgives me, but I didn’t know his father’s guilt that he was sick of AIDS.” This is how the woman who did not reach the age of 21, recounted her tragedy in front of the judge in the presence of her lawyer Omar Gohar in the lake court.

The lady added that she got married a year and a month ago to the accused, continuing: “He linked me with the method (marriage of salons), he sat with my father and then got to know him, and after the acquaintance session we agreed to marry and during the beginning of 2019 we were preparing the apartment like any newlyweds.”

One million pounds to compensate a wife who had AIDS from her husband in the lake

The wife continued before the judge: “He was not sick and did not tell me. We held the wedding, and it did not take a month and a half, and God blessed me with pregnancy. I told my husband, he was very happy and we started talking about the life of the child.”

And she continued: “After 40 days of pregnancy, I had a strange medical condition, so I went to the follow-up doctor during pregnancy, so he asked for some tests. After completing it, the doctor told me that you have nothing, but fatigue and fatigue are still going on, so I conducted a complete blood picture analysis and some tests On this day, I was alone in the laboratory, and the doctor told me that I had AIDS, I did not understand the matter, I called my husband and told him, and he told the tests and then asked me to do another analysis, so the analysis confirmed my injury, and I and my family faced it after that.

“It was a strange and difficult day.” Thus, the wife described him as a friendly meeting between the two families, “I discovered that my husband is sick with AIDS and he knew before marriage and that he was spending a treatment from the Ministry of Health and he did not tell me, so he destroyed my life, and in that session he divorced me and pledged to commit to my medical expenses as well.”

Abortion attempt

She continued: “After my divorce, I agreed with my family about the abortion process, and the doctors preferred me with this, but my health condition did not allow me, how did he kill my son’s friendliness, so I completed pregnancy and my son and until now he reached 58 days and his father did not see him even once, I did not want a higher case and cleared cases between my son’s father “.

Yesterday, a civil court in Abu Homs, Al-Buhaira, ruled that a woman in her third decade be compensated with one million pounds, after she had contracted HIV from her husband, who had married her for nearly a year, and he knew about his illness and had not told her, and the husband was charged expenses The lawsuit and attorney fees, according to her attorney.

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