“The washing machine” gathered here Zahid and Ahmed Hatem in the cinema after “Love Story”


The duo meet Here Zahid and Ahmed Hatem in a new movie Entitled “The Washing Machine”, written by Adel Salib, directed by Essam Abdel Hamid, and produced by Synergy Films, New Century and Egypt International Films. The star, Mahmoud Hamida, Mohamed Salam, Ahmed Fathi, Taher Abu Laila and a number of other young artists, will participate in filming the first scenes of the movie yesterday to be shown during next period.

Here Zahid and Ahmed Hatem
Here Zahid and Ahmed Hatem

The film records the second cinematic cooperation between Hana Al Zahed and Ahmed Hatem after he presented the movie “Love Story”, which was shown during the Valentine’s Day last year, and was a remarkable success. It was directed by Othman Abu Laban and co-starring Farah Youssef, Yasser Al Tobji, Ola Roshdy, Hanan Suleiman, and the events of the film took place within a light romantic framework around Ahmed Hatem, who is exposed to an accident and loses his gaze to see his girlfriend stand next to him and support him.

The last works here were Zahid, the series “Al-Wad Sayed Al-Shahat”, which was written by Mostafa Saqr, Mohamed Ezz, Karim Youssef and Ibrahim Khattab, directed by Ahmed El-Gendy, and produced by Synergy Company, and collected by her husband Ahmed Fahmy for the first time, and co-starred by Mohamed Abdel Rahman. Tota “and Mohamed Mahmoud, in addition to the emergence of a number of stars as guests of honor during the episodes.

Ahmed Hatem and here Zahid
Ahmed Hatem and here Zahid

As for Ahmed Hatem, he recently finished filming the series “Energy of Love”, which is currently shown on one of the encrypted channels, and the work is of the quality of the works of the 60 episodes, written by Ahmed Sobhi, and co-starring with Yousra El-Lozy, Ahmed Hatem, Ahmed Safwat, Anushka, Sameh El Saryty, Rasha Mahdy , Jihan Khalil, Ahmed Fouad Selim, Sherine, and directed by Ahmed Yousry and its events take place in a romantic meeting.


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