“There is no evil” .. The Golden Bear Award for a film that was secretly shot in Iran


“There is no evil” (Thier Is No Eiffel) by Iranian director Mohammad Rasulov was crowned with the Golden Bear award at the Berlin Film Festival.

The news was announced by Jeremy Irons, the jury chairman at the festival, and the festival’s supervising committee posted it on its official page on Twitter.

The movie, which was filmed secretly in defiance of Iranian government censorship, deals with the story of four people who were chosen to implement the death penalty, the moral dilemma that each of them was subjected to, and the implications of the challenge they and the people around them would show.

Rasulov was not allowed to leave the country to receive the award, and his daughter Paran, who is also represented in this film, received the award instead.

“I am very confused and happy with this award, but at the same time, I am sad because she is a director who could not be here tonight. Therefore, on behalf of all the team, I say this to him,” the director’s daughter said.

Describing the film, the jury’s president said he told “four stories that show how a despotic regime is throwing nets at ordinary citizens with the intention of dragging them towards brutality.”

He added that the film “asks questions about our responsibilities and our choices that we make in life.”


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