Thus, Suzan Mubarak called the former President of Egypt


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“The eye is tearing, and the heart is saddened” by that phrase, and she called on Suzan Mubarak, the former first lady of Egypt, The late Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak At the age of 92.

Susan posted an obituary to her husband on her Facebook page, after his death was officially announced on Tuesday morning. She wrote: “Those who have been afflicted by calamity will say: We belong to God and to Him we shall return … O reassuring soul, return to your Lord satisfied and satisfied, and enter into my servants, and enter my Paradise.”

She also added that “the eye is tearful, and the heart grieves, and I am on your separation of mourners.”

3 days mourning

It is noteworthy that the body of the late president will be shed on Wednesday from the Mosque of the Field Marshal Tantawi, Fifth Avenue, east of Cairo.

On Tuesday, the Egyptian presidency announced mourning 3 days for Mubarak’s death, starting today.

She also called him in a statement describing him as “one of the leaders and heroes of the glorious October war, where he took command of the Air Force during the war that restored dignity and pride to the Arab nation,” according to the statement of obituary.

It is noteworthy that the former president was lying in intensive care and his health deteriorated, at dawn on Tuesday, and the doctors informed the family that his condition was very critical after most of the vital body systems stopped working, until he breathed his last.

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