Tik Tok launches safety test to raise awareness of Internet safety and security and to spread positive values


In conjunction with “Safe Internet Day”, Tik Tok launched a short video platform, testing information on its application to support this annual event, and promoting safe internet use, and the video platform provided a number of tips and advice to raise awareness about Internet safety and security for millions of users of the application about the world.

Tik Tok has become the leading destination and primary platform for short video on mobile, with the aim of stimulating a sense of imagination, creativity and knowledge, and sharing beautiful moments around the world, so Tik Tok is the home of creative expression through videos that create real, inspiring and delightful experiences. And because the culture of fun and creativity is an integral part of the fabric of Egyptian culture, the application allows Egyptians to unleash their creativity, photograph and share the important moments in their lives directly via their smartphones.

Many celebrities have already joined the application including Tamer Hosni, Mohamed Heneidy, Hamada Hilal, Hakim, Ahmed Saad, Mai Omar, Amani Kamel, Suleiman Eid, Dana and Mays Hamdan, Karim Mahmoud Abdel Aziz, Karim Mohsen, Mahmoud Al-Leithy, and Reem Sami, Aiten Amer, Khaled Selim, Sherine Abdel Wahab and others.

Through its annual participation in Safe Internet Day, Tik Tok plays a fundamental role in raising awareness among users about managing their online presence and their content, and reviews the challenges in the field of online safety today, and the role of networking developers in contributing to finding solutions to them. Tik Tok test highlights various topics including tips on not sharing account data, outreach and phishing awareness, and best practices to make the most of Tik Tok’s security settings.

For his part, Hany Kamel, Director of Content Operations in “Tik Tok” North Africa, noted that the participation of “Tik Tok” on Safe Internet Day reflects the efforts of the online platform to provide a safe and positive environment in its application, to enable users to create and share their content without harm , Noting Tik Tok’s commitment to keeping society safe, providing users with the tools they need to manage their online presence independently, and even express themselves creatively and freely.

Kamel added: “Providing a positive and safe environment is a priority for Tik Tok, as we follow a number of special measures to protect users from misuse. Tik Tok guidelines also help users understand the reasons for imposing specific restrictions and highlight the type of content and behavior is Accepted on the application. “

Tik Tok guidelines support digital welfare without exposure to cyberbullying, and the app provides the ability to block content that supports or encourages violence or hatred in any way that is harmful and socially unacceptable.

Through its easy-to-use tools, Tik Tok has become a popular and wide platform for innovation and expression of talent on the Internet, displaying a wide range of local content from various societies in the Middle East region and global markets, especially Egypt.


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