“Tonight”, The Resurrection of Othman 12, A Love Story .. Founder, Osman Ibn Artagrl series, the twelfth episode 12 on atv turkey


The Resurrection of Othman, episode 12, translated, followers of the series “The Resurrection of Othman” or as it is called “The Founder Othman” broadcast the twelfth episode of the first season of the historical series that tells the story of the founding of the Ottoman Empire that is attributed to Othman bin Artgrel, and recounts the story of the foundations and wars he fought with the Cross and the Mongols until It became one of the strongest Islamic countries that ruled vast areas of Turkey and the Arab world, for 600 years.

The Resurrection of Osman 12, and the series The Resurrection of Osman achieves huge views from the Arab world, after the five seasons of the resurrection of Artgrel, which achieved huge success over the past five years, which was watched by more than a billion people around the world and translated into many languages. Is the resurrection of Osman on the same footsteps?

Resurrection Othman, the twelfth episode

The twelfth episode of the Osman Resurrection series will be shown on the Turkish IT channel at eight oclock local time in Turkey, Saudi Arabia, and Kuwait, at exactly seven oclock local time for Egypt and the countries of the Levant region, and the episode will be displayed on the Internet via the Ashqat story site specializing in the transfer of translated Turkish series .

Resurrection Othman, episode 12
Resurrection Othman, the twelfth episode 12

The frequency of the channels carrying the Resurrection Osman 12 series

  • Yarmouk channel frequency on Nilesat at 11678, portrait, coding rate 27500.
  • The frequency of the calling channel on Nilesat at the frequency is 10727 vertical, coding factor 2500, or at the frequency 12687 horizontal.
  • The frequency of the Turkish ITV channel on Astra and Turksat through the following table:
The satelliteOrbitFrequencypolarizationFECthe quality
Turksat42.0 ° E11628 (H)27500 5/6SD
Astra19.2 ° E12692 (H)27500 5/6SD
Astra19.2 ° E11243 (H)27500 5/6SD

Resurrection Osman 12 translated

During the last episode, we saw how Sofia allied with the Mongol leader, Bulgai, to cross the road on Osman, who unites the tribes under one banner, especially after the Mongols attacked the Kayi tribe, and they arrested the tribal leaders, where Osman must address this matter.

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