“Tragedy of a child” .. His stomach exploded after eating nitrogen ice cream and his mother tells the details of the accident | Video


A 9-year-old boy, Adam, had a hole in the stomach wall as a result of eating nitrogen ice cream, which caused an explosion in his stomach.

The mother of the child Adam, called “Hind”, said during a telephone conversation with the journalist Rami Radwan on the DMC evening program: We went to Al Moez Street and my children, and we bought ice cream with nitrogen. In his mouth nitrogen smoke is emitted from his mouth.

Confirming that her son, immediately after tasting the ice cream, grabbed his stomach and cried out the pain.

She added, “I found his face blue and started screaming strongly from his stomach, so I thought it was poisoning.

And she continued: “We arrived at the hospital and the rumors were given to him, then the doctor went out saying:” You drank it, Maya Fire told him what happened, and the doctor assured us that Adam had a stomach explosion caused by inhaling nitrogen. ”

The child’s mother tells the details of the accident

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