Tunisia .. operating the largest gas field in the country


Tunisia .. operating the largest gas field in the country


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Tunisian caretaker Prime Minister Youssef Chahed announced the entry of the “Nawara” gas field in the provinces of Tataouine and Gabes into production, stressing that this event is a “historic day” for his country.

The witness wrote: “A historic day in Tunisia … The” Nawara “field entered into production … The largest project in Tunisia with an investment value of 3.5 billion dinars (more than 1.2 billion dollars). A large production capacity of 2.7 million cubic meters of gas per day This represents an additional 50% of the national gas production.7 thousand barrels of oil and 3200 barrels of gas reducing the energy deficit by 20% and reducing the trade deficit by 7% and this will provide a point of growth for Tunisia. Personally, it was one of the biggest challenges that we have worked on in the last three years. ”

The “Nawara” field is located in the Sahara Desert, south of Tunisia, near the Libyan border, and is owned equally by the Tunisian national company ETAP and the Austrian OMV group.

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For the first time, the presence of large gas fields in the region was detected in 2006, however, for internal political and economic reasons, the Tunisian government was unable to launch the extraction and production process, and the project has been repeatedly postponed since 2016.

Source: RT, Agencies

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