Turkey kills Qatari poet, leading Twitter, and anger controls activists


A number of activists launched the short blogging site “Twitter” and issued a Twitter titled, “Turkey Kills a Qatari Poet,” referring to the killing of the Qatari poet “Meshaal Al Akroum Al-Marri” after he refused to take orders from Turkish officer He spoke with a sharp accent with him, and refused his presence.

Media reports have confirmed that the Turkish officer transferred the Qatari poet to a closed room and beat him; the latter retaliated in self-defense until the conflict raged, and the end was the killing of Akroum with a gunshot wound.

He was killed Qatari poet Mishaal Al Akroum angered many Qataris and the people of the Arab world on the Twitter microblogging site, where Saad Nasser tweeted, “We all remember in 2018 and the crime committed by the Turkish army against one of the senior officers of the Qatari army after they deliberately killed Major General Muhammad al-Attiyah and this subject was kept secret. It was accepted by the government of Qatar, because the Qatari government has become like a spectator now and all its concern is that it remains on the authority even if it is only a name only and this is what is hidden from the killings that the Turkish army practiced on the Qatari army, and this killing incident is the first and it is expected that it will not be the last private And the Turkish army hinted Qatar controls for all aspects of the state at the moment and this thing who Bashl Turks killed Qatari military personnel. “

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Saeed Al Harbi stated, saying: The poet Mishaal Al Akroum Al Marri, who was killed “in cold blood” by the Turkish army .. Mishaal chose to serve his country in joining the Qatari army, but he faced Turkish officers who used the harshest military sanctions that led to his death!

Rakan Al Turki said: The Turkish army in Qatar is practicing the most heinous crimes, discreetly and silently, by the Qatari government! The occupation of the Turkish army has become a nightmare of the Qatari people, due to their power and control in the Qatari government The Doha government did not seek protection to provide a safe environment, but rather to protect the system of government,

In short, “myself, myself.”

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