Under American auspices, Egypt, Ethiopia, and Sudan agree on a plan to fill the Renaissance Dam


The US Treasury announced in a statement today, Saturday, that the foreign ministers of water resources in Egypt, Sudan and Ethiopia, at the conclusion of their negotiations on the Renaissance Dam in Washington, reached a document of agreement that includes a plan to fill the dam in stages.

The document also includes a mechanism for procedures for droughts, protracted droughts and scarce years during the filling and operation of the dam.

The foreign and water resources ministers in Egypt, Sudan and Ethiopia will meet again in mid-February in Washington, to approve the agreement in its final form, in preparation for signing it at the end of this month.

Also on Friday, Egypt, Ethiopia and Sudan announced that they reached an agreement on the full scale of the Renaissance Dam and the mechanism for dealing with droughts, according to a joint statement issued by the three countries published by the Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The statement said that the agreement comes “after rounds of painstaking and arduous negotiations between the foreign ministers and water resources in Egypt, Sudan and Ethiopia, under the auspices of the United States of America and the participation of the World Bank.”

The statement pointed out that the ministers assigned the technical and legal committees to continue the meetings in Washington in order to finalize the agreement.

Egyptian confirmation
The Egyptian Foreign Ministry confirmed that it signed the agreement document prepared by the American side, while the Ethiopian Minister of Irrigation said that the documents that will be signed by the legal and technical team will be discussed next week, to complete a comprehensive document within 30 days.

A White House statement had earlier reported that President Donald Trump had spoken to Ethiopian Prime Minister Abe Ahmed, and Trump expressed optimism that an agreement on the Renaissance Dam was imminent, and that it would benefit all parties concerned.

Island sources said that Trump interfered with Egypt and Ethiopia to prevent the collapse of negotiations over the Renaissance Dam after it reached a dead end.

Cairo fears the potential negative impact of the dam on its annual flow of 55.5 billion cubic meters of Nile water, while Sudan gets 18.5 billion.

Addis Ababa asserts that it does not aim to harm Egypt’s interests, and that the aim of building the dam is to generate electricity.

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