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Unexpected benefits of sweating .. get to know them

Source: Ahmed Mahmoud – Iram News

Often denotes Ethnicity On the amount of hard work the person does, and when sweating, the body produces beneficial hormones, as it helps hair growth, promotes healthy skin and makes it naturally shiny, maintains body weight, and helps to improve mood, according to the publication of the Indian Pink Villa magazine .

And although race is one of the unpleasant and offensive things for many people, it is good for health, hair andskinHere, we will learn about the health and unexpected benefits of race:

Sweat is a natural antiseptic

When you sweat, the pores of the skin open up to flush out all the harmful bacteria from the body, so it is necessary to wash the face with a soft cleanser after work to cleanse and dry the face.

Sweat gives you a natural shine

Sweat gives you a natural shine because it promotes blood circulation in the body, after sweating, the skin becomes smooth and naturally full of vigor.

Sweat helps grow healthy hair

Sweat promotes hair growth, but when the scalp sweats a lot, hair follicles that help hair growth are clogged, so it should be washed with a little shampoo to avoid itching.

Mood improvement

Mood can appear on the skin, because the mood can produce and block collagen protein in the body, which helps to enhance the freshness of the skin, and sweat improves mood, as the hard work produces the hormone endorphins responsible for relieving pressure and pain in the body, which promotes a sense of happiness and improves mood .

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