Urgent .. Referring to sister of Zina and Ahmed Ezz to the misdemeanor court – accidents


Al-Alamein Prosecution has referred the sister of artist Zina and artist Ahmed Ezz for trial, against the backdrop of the quarrel between them at the North Coast Hotel last August.

According to sources related to the file of the case, both Nisreen’s sister Zina and artist Ahmed Ezz will be presented to the misdemeanor court, for trial on charges of insulting and slandering the other, as both of them will be brought to trial, accused and victim.

The facts of the case date back to last August when a hotel in the North Coast region of Matrouh Governorate witnessed an exchange of reasons between the two parties.

Ahmed Ezz issued a statement in the tourism police, in which he accused the sister of Zina of insulting him and slandering him while he was sitting in the hotel, and he gave his statements at the prosecution office at the time.

Zinas sister also wrote a report in which she accused “Ezz” of insulting and slandering and presented each of them with evidence to the prosecution during the interrogation of them.


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