Urgent .. UAE records two new infections in Corona – Arabs and the world


The UAE Ministry of Health and Community Protection announced the diagnosis of جديد two new cases in Corona, which were monitored through a continuous periodic examination, according to the standards of the World Health Organization, for people with symptoms of the emerging virus, according to “Sky News”.

Thus, the total number of cases discovered in the UAE, 7 cases, since the emergence of the new virus.

The ministry affirmed in a statement, “The health status of the new injured, who are of Chinese and Filipino nationality, is under observation and necessary medical care, in accordance with the highest health standards in force in the country.”

The UAE Ministry of Health stressed the effectiveness of the electronic reporting system, and the continuation of health facilities in reporting any new cases of suspicion, which appear according to the manual of monitoring and control procedures, which have been activated in all health facilities in the country, to monitor any exhibitor for any medical intervention to deal with the disease, according to Emirates News Agency (WAM).

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