US billionaire calls for the dismissal of Mark Zuckerberg from office .. I know the reason


Billionaire George Soros calls for the dismissal of Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook, and Sherrill Sandberg, head of operations in the social network, who control Facebook, and that the company should stop publishing political ads.

Soros wrote to the Financial Times, saying: Zuckerberg appears to be involved in some sort of mutual assistance arrangement with Donald Trump, as Facebook president Trump is helping to re-elect him, but he has not provided evidence to substantiate his claim.

Soros added that “Facebook” should take a more cautious approach, and refuses to publish political ads, which the social network will not do.

A Facebook spokesman told Business Insider: “While we respect Mr. Soros’ right to express his opinion, he is mistaken. The idea that we are allied with any one political party or figure contradicts our values ​​and all facts.”

In his letter to the Financial Times, Soros referred to an editorial that Zuckerberg had written some time ago in the newspaper as well, in which he said that technology companies needed governments to put in place systems for political advertising. Touches on basic democratic values. “

But Soros said that Zuckerberg should stop disturbing the facts by defending government organization, noting that Facebook does not need to wait for government regulations “to stop publishing political ads.”

A Facebook spokesman explained that the company is making unprecedented investments to maintain the safety of its program, combat foreign interference in elections around the world, and combat misinformation.

Soros has made similar comments before, saying in January at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland that Facebook and Donald Trump have some kind of informal mutual assistance operations, and Facebook described his claim as “a simple mistake.”

Speaking in Davos in 2018, Soros also criticized Facebook for world leaders, and after his comments, a public relations firm hired by Facebook attempted to blame Soros for his growing criticism of the social network.


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