Valentine’s Day … started with a murder and turned into a happy occasion .. and a study: Egyptians spent $ 12 million on gifts for 2019


Over the years, Valentine’s Day in and many of the countries of the world was and will remain, today the most appropriate to express the feelings of love and love that have been bred in the hearts, and lovers on this occasion used to express in various ways the subtle feelings and love, either by gifting those who love the red rose or the beard and cards Greeting and other forms of love that differed in different times.

Today the 1751 anniversary coincides with the departure of the idea of ​​celebrating International Valentine’s Day, that is, since the death of Saint Valentine in 269 AD, by order of the Roman Emperor on the same day as the celebration of Valentine’s Day.

Valentine’s story

The story begins when the Roman Emperor “Claudis II”, in the second century AD, issued an order to prevent young marriage, believing that this decision would distract young people to join the army and do well in wars, because married people do not perform their duties as much as singles.

After the emperor issued his decision to prohibit marriage, one of the priests called “Valentine” rejected this decision, and he secretly married young people. When the emperor learned about this, he ordered the arrest of the priest “Valentine” and sent him to prison, but love was stronger than the emperor’s decision, so it happened that he loved Priest Valentine is the daughter of his blind prison warden. He married her and helped her recover from her illness, so the death penalty was carried out on February 14, 269 A.D., bidding farewell to his wife on the first Valentine’s Day card, in which he said, “From the Savior to you Valentine.”

Since that time this day has become a world feast for lovers exchanging gifts, such as letters and roses as the closest to the hearts, but this story does not mean that the celebration of love did not exist before him, as the ancient Egyptians knew love, and the triangle of God Hathor symbolized love for the Pharaohs.

The ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day differed with the change of time and space, from the ages of poems and legends, to answers loaded with longings, telephone calls on the home phone, and even the era of the mobile phone and the Minatel cabins, up to the age of the Internet and chat rooms, and even the social media revolution and social networking sites, which were imposed on love New rules, and painted different frameworks that were not calculated before.

Economy of “Valentine’s Day”

With these differences, Valentine’s Day still tops the list of most occasions that Egyptians are keen to celebrate, as a recent study conducted in more than 53 countries around the world revealed the growth of the so-called “love economy”, at a rate of 5 times compared to the growth of the global economy, to rise The percentage of spending during Valentine’s Day increased by 17% since 2017, and the volume of spending during Valentine’s Day in Egypt increased by 37% since 2017.

The study showed that the Egyptians spend more generously during Valentine’s Day than at any other time, given the total transactions by “Master Card” cards in the period leading up to Valentine’s Day, which rose by 46% over the past three years, to reach more than 12 One million dollars, equivalent to about 188 million and 880 thousand Egyptian pounds, according to the annual MasterCard of Love index.

The study added that the trend towards gifting superior experiences over traditional gifts such as flowers and jewelry, despite the amounts that were spent on flowers increased by 115% compared to last year, and the rate of spending on jewelry increased by 92% compared to the past three years, despite From this, the volume of spending on hotel reservations increased by 43% in 2019, and the rate of spending on flights during the past year reached 4 million dollars.

It also revealed that traditional Valentine’s Day cards are still popular among Egyptians, as their purchase rate increased by 85% during the year 2019, and food remains one of the most important means to win hearts on this day, so the study indicated an increase in spending in restaurants, and total spending increased by 86 % To over $ 700,000 in 2019.

love for all
Sociologists and psychologists unanimously agreed that Valentine’s Day is not intended for lovers and young people only, but rather for all groups around the world, and that this day was devoted to spreading love and peace among all members of society and patriotism, affirming that the Egyptian people are naturally romantic.

“The flower of love is smelled by everyone and not only by the lovers. The holiday of love is not only for those who are affiliated or young, as it has become today, but for all members of society, families and neighbors, and all different forms of love, to move the buried stock of noble emotions,” this was confirmed by Dr. Alaa Al-Ghandour Consultant psychiatrist.

Romantic people by nature

He adds that Western colonialism put inside Egyptians viruses of no-love in a way that makes natural innate purity absent or buried and replaced with ego viruses, and the theory of doubt and conspiracy between the two sides of the equation “man and woman”, even though the Egyptian people are naturally innate and characterized by magnanimity, humanity and welcome, as well as Put a diaphragm so you don’t see it

And the “Ghandour” asserts that the Egyptian people are a golden element, but colonialism has covered this with dense soil, in order to forget that it is an element of gold, noting that we have to remove this soil and then wash the gold that is inside us until it shines, radiates and blooms the real metal, which makes the person can express On his noble feelings, he gives love happily and receives love happily, gives without limits and receives without limits, and giving will not depend on romantic feelings only, but all kinds of noble feelings.

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