Veto gate 6 foods that protect you from melancholy disease


09:51 PM – Thursday 13 February 2020


Reham El-Sawaf

Melancholy disease .. Singer Angham announced that she suffers from a disease that affects her voice, which made many people promote an unknown and serious disease, while she recently announced that she has sinus inflammation, not a rare or unknown disease, but that with the change of seasons it affects her with an allergy that affects her voice and prevents her from singing.

Dr. Marwa Kamal, a therapeutic nutritionist, confirms that the symptoms of sinusitis are all annoying, such as congestion, stuffy nose and throat, and severe headaches.

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Dr. Marwa adds that it is possible to face the pain and infections of the sinuses, without resorting to analgesics and sedatives, which affect the body with many complications, by resorting to nature, and what it provides ideal solutions, without any complications, which is presented in the following lines.

Onions and garlic

These foods fight bacteria and boost the immune system, and you can eat raw garlic, but if you do not like the smell or taste, it can be taken in tablet form..


Ginger can be soaked in hot water for 10 minutes, and drinking it is effective in treating the sinusitis problem.

Honey with lemon

Make a drink of lemon and honey in hot water, honey will work as an antibiotic, and lemon contains vitamin C, which attacks the cold virus and gets rid of sinus infections, with 3 glasses of this drink drunk daily to fight infection quickly.

the soup

She recommends Dr. Marwa By eating all kinds of soup, it is preferable to clear soup, such as chicken and vegetable soup, as it helps to drain mucus and expel it from the body, besides, it will reduce the problem of sore throat and sinuses.

Apple cider vinegar

You can drink apple cider vinegar, which is a mixture of honey, apple juice and apple cider vinegar, and put the mixture in hot water, and it is taken 4-5 times a day.

Apple cider vinegar helps get rid of mucus, which ultimately helps to overcome infections.

Steam inhalation

You can put a group of herbs in boiling water on fire and inhale the rising steam, and you can use ginger, mint, camphor, oregano and thyme, as this group of herbs has antimicrobial and anti-bacterial properties, and these are implemented at least 3 times a day.


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