Veto gate 9 years after Mubarak stepped down, get to know the scenes of the last moments of Khattab Radio


12:06 PM – Tuesday 11 February 2020
A letter of resignation for former President Hosni Mubarak
A letter of resignation for former President Hosni Mubarak


Mahrous Hindawi

Nine years after the announcement of former President Mohamed Hosni Mubarak to step down from the presidency of the Republic, due to the massive demonstrations that shook all squares and streets in Cairo and the provinces to demand the overthrow of the regime, the scenes of the last moments of the radio broadcast of the step-down still appear.

There were several scenes behind the scenes of the decision of the former president to step down from the ruling, as quarrels and differences took place around President Mubarak, starting with Gamal, Alaa, Suzan and Dr. Zakaria Azmy, head of the former president’s office, and it was said that Alaa Mubarak was angry at Gamal Mubarak, and accused him of being the cause of Everything that has happened, and designed that his father’s speech is a letter of resignation to end his rule to protect his father from any dangers that may occur if he refuses to step down from his position.

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The armed forces had a prominent role not to be exposed to these creeping demonstrations in all fields, and Omar Suleiman, Vice President at the time, Ali al-Mushir Tantawi, presented the issue of managing the affairs of the country, which he did not agree to, and stressed that conditions necessitated the departure of President Mubarak from the ruling, and the statement of withdrawal was drafted on the phone, And less than 48 hours before the speech was broadcast on February 10 and 11.

Former President Omar Suleiman called for the amendment of the word “step down” in the speech to be broadcast to the masses to the word “abandonment”, and General Ahmed Shafiq, Major General Omar Suleiman, General Sami Annan and Field Marshal Hussein Tantawi held an urgent meeting to discuss the matter, and it was agreed to ask the president to step down from the authority.

Major General Omar Salman spoke to the former president to explain to him the truth about the difficulty of the amendment, which was agreed by President Mubarak.

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