Veto gate He went about himself … a moral scandal for a minister with a teenager ending his political future


4:00 PM – Thursday 6 February 2020
Scottish Finance Minister Derek MacKay
Scottish Finance Minister Derek MacKay


Mustafa Barakat

The Minister of Finance of Scotland submitted his resignation, following an ethical scandal involving him with a 16-year-old teenager

Scottish Finance Minister Derek MacKay was forced to leave his position on the background of the medias publication of hundreds of messages he sent on social media to a 16-year-old teenager.

According to the British newspaper The Sun, Derek MacKay, the 42-year-old finance minister of Scotland, has resigned to Prime Minister Nicolas Sterngine, with this decision immediately taking effect, hours before the budget announcement for next year on Thursday.

The resignation decision came after a silver had revealed that Minister MacKay, the father of two children who announced after the divorce of his wife in 2013 that he was gay, had sent to the teenager, whose name has not been revealed, with 260 messages on Facebook and Instagram since last August.

In those letters, the resigning minister said: He considers this teenager, “actually beautiful” and invited him at his expense to a rugby match, and he admired the teenager’s decision to cut his long hair already.

In a letter he later deleted, the minister revealed his sexual orientation, and he called the teenager over and over again to meet him personally under various pretexts, although he was fully aware of his age.

With the passage of time, these messages began to cause increasing concern to the teenager, and he informed his mother about it, to express to “The Sun” her anger at the minister’s actions and demanded the government to dismiss him.

In the resignation statement, the minister acknowledged that his actions were “fools” and he bears full responsibility for them, and he apologized to the teenager and his family.

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