Veto gate Helmy Bakr: Abdel Halim Hafez, if he came back, sang now, and challenged Shakoush Hefchel


11:35 PM – Saturday, February 15, 2020
Musician Helmy Bakr
Musician Helmy Bakr


Khaled Shaheen

In a shocking statement, the musician Hilmi Bakr expressed his anger at what is happening on the artistic scene, including the control of festive songs, and the latest song, “The Girl of Neighbors”, which achieved great viewership in the world.

Helmy Bakr said that times have changed and public taste has varied and decreased dramatically, so it is the songs of festivals and “descending” songs that lead the scene.

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Bakr added: “If Abdel Halim Hafez came back from Tani and sang now, Qasad Shakush would fail. This is not a defect in Nightingale, but it is a defect in taste and the current time.”

Bakr explained that whoever succeeds is the controversial talk and the exciting girls, so Karmin Suleiman and May Farouk did not take their rights, and the scene was released by girls who have nothing to do with singing.


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