Video – a demonstration against “Hamza Mon Bibi” and Dunya Boutma was accused of insulting Moroccan women


The vicinity of the Court of First Instance in Marrakech witnessed protests against the backdrop of an investigation into the case of the “Hamza Moon Bibi” celebrity scandal account.

The demonstrations were organized by the National Center for Human Rights in Morocco in coordination with some trade union bodies, human rights organizations and a number of victims of the account.

The participants expressed their rejection of some of the interventions taking place in the case in favor of the accused.

Among the most prominent was the famous fascist, Sultana, who indicated that she had been seriously affected by this case. One of the participants considered that the artist, Donia Butma, who is being investigated in the case, has damaged the Moroccan women’s reputation and said: “It dirty us.”

It is noteworthy that the artist is awaiting the date of her trial on February 10 (2020) with her sister, Ibtisam, knowing that they were released based on the decision to release Mashrout in return for a fine.

It is reported that she recently announced through the “Story” feature on her account on “Instagram” the creation of a false account in her name. She warned the followers to do so, declaring her innocence of all that is published on it, adding that she decided to take the necessary legal measures.

She wrote: “This account impersonates my personality on Instagram and his path or career will be prosecuted because he never represents me and I am not responsible for anything related to this account. Oh God, I have reached and thank you.” She added: “May God bless you.”


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