Video .. A tray spits on the door handles of its neighbors to transfer the Corona infection


Surveillance cameras inside a building in China picked up a Chinese woman infected with Corona virus, deliberately spitting on the door handles of her neighbors to spread the infection.. According to Sputnik, the woman’s reaction came after the application of the quarantine to the building where she lives in Wuhan.

The Chinese vice premier instructed that all patients in Wuhan and those in contact with them be put in hospitals and quarantine camps..

The video shows the lady wandering about the corridor of the apartment complex and reaching the end of the corridor. She looked behind her to make sure that no neighbors saw her, to start spitting on the door handles..

The Chinese news channel indicated that the housing complex in which the woman lives, is subject to strict quarantine and that some of the patients were isolated in their homes..

The Chinese authorities had announced, earlier, that the number of new “Corona” virus deaths across the country had risen to 908 people, and those infected to more than 40,000, noting that 3,281 infected people had recovered and had been discharged from hospitals..

On December 31, the Chinese authorities informed the World Health Organization of an outbreak of pneumonia caused by the “new coronavirus” in Wuhan, located in the central part of the country..


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