Video .. Health reveals a surprise for a foreigner who is a coronavirus


Dr. Khaled Mujahid, spokesperson for the Ministry of Health, revealed that the ministry has conducted an analysis of all those involved in the infection with the Coronavirus in Egypt, and the result of the tests was negative, and as a precautionary measure they were self-isolated, and their work buildings were sterilized.

“Mujahid,” during a telephone interview with the program “Today”, broadcast on the “dmc” satellite channel, said that the ministry has a plan to combat the Corona virus, since the Ministry of Health announced the outbreak of the Corona virus in China, and all passengers coming from the affected countries are debated.

Mujahid added, on Monday evening, that the case infected with the Corona virus is completely stable, and she has not been infected until this moment, and it is expected that Recovering Very soon, commenting: “His immunity is able to overcome the virus, especially as he is young and does not have any chronic diseases.”

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