Video- Here Zahid is upset with Ahmed Fahmy’s new look and what he did with his hair


The Egyptian artist Ahmed Fahmy published on his account on the application of photos and videos “Instagram” several pictures, in which he showed the new poetry story he had adopted which is called crab.

A large number of followers interacted with this look, whose views differed between those who liked it and those who saw it as inappropriate, calling the artist not to adopt it again.

As for the most prominent opinion, that was expressed by his wife, the artist here Zahid, through an interview with her in an episode of The Insider in Arabic, which is shown on the Dubai TV screen.

In response to a question about her opinion of the new story, she said that she was surprised by this change and asked him about his reason, pointing out that he did not like it.

She noted that she does not like this story, likening her husband to the shape of a cock. She revealed that he adopted it in preparation for a new acting experience through a movie called “Falling in a Dream of Sawsan”, which embodies several personalities.

With her comment, this attracted the attention of many followers, who praised her novelty, her spontaneity, and her remoteness. They also expressed their admiration for the clear and frank nature of the relationship she and her husband have.


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