Video .. Islam Khalil mourns Mubarak in the manner of “Chabula”


Mourned Lyricist Islam KhalilFormer President Hosni Mubarak, with verses of poetry like the late artist Shaaban Abdel Rahim, in a video dedicated to “The Seventh Day”, and the words say: “Time passed away and Hosni Mubarak died … Despite any need in his land, why good deeds … a hero from the October generation fought He participated in the victory .. He said, live and fall and cover the soil of Egypt .. Our respect for our Egyptian army and our genius president .. A difference between politics and the military role .. Mubarak with our army won and fought the enemies with his hands .. He has the right to accept him we have mercy on him.

It is noteworthy that Islam Khalil and Issam Shaabula released a good song from the words of Islam Khalil about the Corona virus that is currently spreading in China, and how to counter the virus, and the song was titled “Snail Corona”.

Islam Khalil recently released a song titled “The Last Words That He Said” as a duet that combines it with the late singer Shaaban Abdel Rahim, as the video began through Shaabula’s voice, which talks about his friendship with the poet Islam Khalil, saying: “My life is with Islam Khalil Memories, and from the hour when all our days knew sweet memories, “then the singing duet followed.

Islam Khalil and the late artist Shaban Abdel Rahim formed a duo after they met at one of the wedding parties, and asked him to write the song “Sadiq Ya Khisha”, and after that he cooperated with him in many songs that met a large audience, including: Israel, “he wrote songs for films,” Askar in the camp, an Indian film, the Bali Bali, citizen, informant and forbidden.“.

The late President Hosni Mubarak


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