Video – Reham Saeed: Youssef Fawzy was offered treatment, but he refused


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Posted Date: Saturday, 8 February 2020 – 15:17 | Last update: Saturday, February 8 2020 – 15:18

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        The media, Reham Saeed, appeared again to clarify some matters for her fans and followers.<p>And via a video on her personal Instagram account, she appeared in it, denying the existence of any account on her through the social media sites she uses to collect donations, confirming that any account that requests donations for any humanitarian situation is a false account.

Reham Saeed also touched on the health of the artist Youssef Fawzy, explaining that she offered him treatment, as she had assisted a similar condition to a disease by placing a specific device that reduces the effect of Parkinson’s.

However, at the end of her speech, Saeed explained that the artist Youssef Fawzy, after accepting the order at the beginning, then returned and refused, explaining that a doctor did not like the matter.

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