Video reveals the truth about Hassan Shakoush’s theft of Mohamed Hamaki


Social Media pioneers shared a video of singer Kholoud Omar, as she sings the song “Mustaqba” for Mohammad Hamaki, And the “Neighbor’s Girl” festival Hassan Shakoush, In which Hassan Shakosh stole the tune of the “Neighbor’s Girl” festival with A change Lyrics for the song.
A debtor, composer of Hajja Mustakhbeya, hired a lawyer to file a case with Ali Hassan Shakoush For stealing the song’s tune and using it without referring to it, pointing out that this crisis, which is frequently repeated due to festivals, must be ended.

“A Mustahabiya”, written by Mohamed Atef, composed by Medin, distributed by Ahmed Ibrahim, video clip directed by Kostas Ivanov, and produced by Nogoum Records.


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