Video .. The first response from Haytham Zaki’s brother about neglecting the Black Panther’s holdings: a museum


Rami announced his brother Haitham Ahmed Zaki In his statement to “The Seventh Day”, he expressed his total rejection of all those who said that he had or would compromise the possessions of the late Ahmed Zaki and confirmed during special statements to “the seventh day”, that he was surprised and surprised by those who questioned his intentions, commenting: “I am not selling any Something about Ahmed Zaki, and Omri, I don’t sell anything that pertains to him. I intend to open a museum in which I can collect all of its holdings, and in the end Egypt, see what I do for Ahmed Zaki.

Ramy, brother of Haitham Ahmed Zaki
Ramy, brother of Haitham Ahmed Zaki

Rami’s statements come after Wael Al-Ibrashi, a journalist, blew a big surprise regarding the sale of the office of the late Ahmed Zaki during the “Ninth” program, which is broadcast on the first channel’s screen, which angered many artists who competed with the late Ahmed Zaki, most notably Raghda, who confirmed during her hosting of Wael Al-Ibrashi also accepted when he confirmed that Haytham’s brother Rami was from the mother, and he did not know anything about Ahmed Zaki, and he had no contact with him, just as he was living in London, and he knew by chance that Haytham’s sister had passed away, noting that he was rather Ramah’s brother Ramy. , To call the lawyer, and request the acquisition of real estate and cars, and give the collector S for his family or the union.

On that, Rami stressed that no one knows his relationship with Haitham except him, saying: “Who knows that Haitham was dying, so he says that I knew by chance the news of his death … I was in contact with Haitham and his business manager testified to this, and I am the most unhappy one.” , And I was keeping the greatest actor in the world. “


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