Video .. Yemeni forces drop “Droun” Houthi in Hodeidah


Source: Arabic. Net – Osan Salem

On Sunday, Yemeni forces shot down a Houthi militia plane in the sky of the Al-Duraimi Directorate south of the city of Hodeidah.

The military media of the joint forces said that the third infantry brigade forces managed to shoot down a Houthi militia plane that was flying in the sky of the Al-Duraimi directorate, where the soldiers targeted and shot it down.

The joint forces shot down a Houthi reconnaissance plane last week north of the district, in the context of the military escalation of the Houthi militias and the continued violations of the UN truce in Hodeidah.

The report of the United Nations experts in charge of monitoring the arms embargo imposed on Yemen since 2015 stated that in 2019 the Houthi militia acquired new weapons, some of which have similar characteristics to those produced in Iran.

A new type of missile

“In addition to the well-known weapons systems they have had so far, the Houthis are using a new type of Delta drone and a new model of land cruise missiles,” said the report sent to the Security Council and to be published soon.

Houthi militias have recently intensified the use of booby-trapped and reconnaissance drones, which a report of the United Nations Experts Committee said are compiled from components from an external source and shipped to Yemen. T, manufactured by Iran Aircraft Manufacturing Company.

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