Was the Sunnah a household revelation?


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We said in the previous article, that many of the clergymen acknowledged that the Sunnah is a revelation from God, and it is revealed as the Qur’an, and a group of them said: “Gabriel was coming down with the Sunnah as it was revealed in the Qur’an, but he does not worship it.” In this, Muhammad Salih Al-Munajjid says: “The Sunnah is one of My oath is revelation, which was revealed to the Messenger, and the other part is the Qur’an. Hassan bin Attiyah said in “Enough” the Prophet used to send him a year to the Sunnah as he descends on him in the Qur’an. He says in this Ibn Hazm in the rulings that God Almighty says “We descended the remembrance, and we have it to the keepers” and he also said, “I only warn you with revelation and the deaf does not hear the supplication if What they warn “and continues:” So God told us that the Messenger’s words are alive and preserved by God’s preservation. “In this, Bin Baz confirms: Yes, the Messenger’s sayings are alive,” and what is pronounced on the passion is only a revelation revealed “as his words are not from himself but rather from God. . And when they said that the Sunnah was recorded and conveyed on the content, on the meaning and on the content and not on the word or the letter, how can you be alive like the Qur’an and write on the meaning and vocabulary and the words of the carrier, the burner and the narrator and not on the word and word of God? How to be alive, and the narrations of the one hadith have multiplied more than once in a different way? Bin Hazm responds to this “that the Messenger used to talk to people with repeated hadiths, so the narration of the hadith itself differs from one to another“ any narration from the other. ”In this we are not convinced of this response, and we see that this is a reverence for the Messenger, and raised the position of prophecy to the position of the original legislator, which is God And it is “not like anything” and this is not acceptable reason or logic. If the Sunnah was alive for its messenger worker, treating the Qur’an in memorizing and writing, copying them as copies of the Qur’an, and registering them with a group as they recorded the Qur’an with another team, until the Sunnah is saved and it is inspired by deceiving people and distorting The distinctions, the status of the humble, the difference of the narrators and the modernists, and she won and escaped as the Quran won and survived, and It was followed by the rule of the “remembrance” of the Qur’an because they were inspired by the sky, preserved by God as it was stated in the Qur’an, and the matter required this prohibition of writing and writing it, with a frequent and correct hadeeth, “Do not write about me and anyone who wrote other than the Qur’an, so let him leave, and talk about me and not embarrassed.” And whoever lied about me, let him take his seat from the fire. ”If he was alive, he would not write about me, which is a verdict that is“ about me ”and affirms that the Sunnah is from him and not from God, and if it was from God, he would explain this to people.

As for the verses that all of these are cited, people from Mecca said that Muhammad says these words “the Qur’an” on his own initiative and liking it, so the verse was revealed “and the star, if he desires, is what your friend has gone astray and what he has tempted, and what is pronounced about the passion, that is only inspired It is revealed that “it is only a revelation.” The Qur’an is the only revealed verse, but the other verse that they cite is also “and the book and wisdom was revealed to you.” The book is the Qur’an, and wisdom here, and if some of the interpreters interpret it as “the Sunnah,” but the interpretation The other, which is “knowledge of religion,” is the closest to logic and reason, if we refer to the verse on our master Jesus ”and the book teaches him wisdom and the Torah The Bible »Wisdom here is not, of course, the Sunnah, but also knowledge of religion. We return to the Sunnah, which are narrated from the Prophet, and there is a violation of reason and knowledge that asserts its humanity, including those who were from the Messenger, and those who were among themselves, who said that the length of our master Ibrahim is thirty meters, as stated in the two Sahihs? Is it a revelation from the sky? Is the hadith of the Messenger that was narrated by him or a partner “ordered the killing of the wretched” leprosy “and said: He was puffing on Ibrahim, peace be upon him” Does a sane person accept it? Is the hadeeth “pessimism in the three women, the donkey and the house” and its contradiction to what was stated in the Qur’an “and if someone preached to the female, his face remained black while he was great, then he hides from the people what bad he preached, he grabs him on a mortar or puts him in the soil, is that the ruling that I refuse Mrs. Aisha and his denunciation, so does describing a woman in this way reveal a house and a firm ruling that does not change from God? And Abu Huraira’s hadith on the Prophet when he said, “God wrote to Ibn Adam his luck from fornication, and he realized this inevitably.” So how can adultery be written on a person and be held accountable to him, as stated in the Qur’an? When the Prophet forbade visiting graves and returned from them when he found them thinning hearts and allowed them, and when he forbade eating sacrifice meat for three days and then returned and allowed them when people saw their imprisonment for the traveler to eat from them, was he a divine revelation and then God transcribed it? Or was it an order for a leader who decided on the people and retracted it for necessity and interest? If the Sunnah was alive and revealed by God, the first one who would have told us this would be the Messenger himself, and it would not have carried us many strange narratives that we cannot mention now, and not these, and it was a right for the Messenger as it is not a right for them.

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