Watch … a famous artist challenges “Corona” and makes a stir on the media


The Kuwaiti actress Shams caused an uproar on social media, after she posted a picture of her from inside an airport in China

The artist commented on the photo: “Come on, Corona, to my mind.”

Followers interacted with the picture greatly, as some criticized her for her behavior and directed her to China in light of the “Corona” virus prevalent there and travel warnings.

The artist had laughed at Corona, where she appeared in a video while she was learning to dance the Dabkeh and attached the clip to the comment: “The world is corona wars, earthquakes, economic crises, demonstrations, and I am learning Dabke with Ali Ismail, a plastic expert.”

She added: “Today’s advice has not increased your worries, dance and see where it comes to.” This also exposed some criticism.


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