Watch … Hama Beca: “I have an illness with stomach wall structures and an injection of 120,000 pounds.”


Festivals singer Hamo Beca confirmed that talking about getting large amounts of money from singing is incorrect, declaring that he suffers from a disease in the stomach wall that causes him to take an injection that exceeds 120 thousand pounds.

Hamo Beca told Al-Mehwar TV: “If I were to bring the numbers, I would remain the richest one in the world … who the public does not know. I am a man who treats and takes a needle that costs 120 thousand pounds. I have a disease that eats on the stomach wall … People see the structure of his righteousness.” And we do not know every one of them, what .. Our Lord is great and all the time by saying, Lord.

The Alexandria misdemeanor court transferred the case of “Hamou Beca” at today’s session, to the Economic Court for its jurisdiction in cases of insulting and defamation for the February 22 session of its current jurisdiction in the case.

She had referred the Al-Dekheila Prosecution in Alexandria to the trial of Mohamed Mahmoud Mostafa and the well-known “Hamo Beca” to the Dekheila Misdemeanor Court, on charges of insulting and slandering Hany Shaker within the Syndicate of Musical Professions.

Yasser Kantoush, lawyer for the Syndicate of Musical Professions, had submitted a communication to the Al-Dekheila Prosecution in Alexandria, carrying No. 13350 of 2019 the Al-Dekheila administration, in which he accused Mohammed Mahmoud Mustafa Sayed Ahmed and his fame “Hamou Bekaa” by storming a public facility, inciting violence and rioting, and insulting and slandering the artist Hani Shaker.

The musicians ’attorney said that Hamo Beca verbally violated the artist Hany Shaker and addressed him to the youth, Hilal Hilal, who was in the Musicians Syndicate. He added that Hamo Becca practiced bullying to obtain permission from the Musicians Syndicate to sing through bullying, and he did not meet the conditions for obtaining the permit after presenting it to the technical committee Responsible for issuing permits for artists and practicing the profession.

Al-Dekheila Prosecution began an investigation with Hamo Beca, for questioning in the case of insulting and slandering Hani Shaker and the Musicians Syndicate while he was in order to obtain a permit for an artistic concert, and he posted a video on his social media to show his dissatisfaction with the committee and the union for their intransigence with him.

Al-Dekheila Prosecution in Alexandria decided to release Hamo Beka from the prosecution companies after investigating him on the accusation of storming the headquarters of the Syndicate of Musical Professions and insulting and slandering the artist Hany Shaker, captain of the musicians, in protest against the union’s refusal to authorize him to sing at a party in Damietta, and the case continues until it was referred to a court Exotic misdemeanors and determine the first session of his trial.


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