Watch in a minute … How did an American movie predict all the details of the Corona virus 9 years ago?


The cinema often predicted natural disasters and wars between different countries, and with the spread of Corona disease, which became a threat to all of humanity, amid anticipation and fear of all, with the rise in the number of casualties and deaths, day after day, this epidemic brought to mind the movie “infection” contagion ” Who predicted 9 years ago the outbreak of a deadly epidemic from China.

1-The movie “Infection contagion ” It premiered in 2011 by American director Stephen Soderberg.

2- A full 9 years ago, he predicted a deadly virus would emerge from China, as a result of eating animals.

3-Show snapshots of people suddenly dying from flu symptoms.

4- The virus was transmitted from an American woman who was visiting Hong Kong, China.

5- Discover the moments of fear and terror that the world is experiencing due to the virus

6- It highlights the chaos events that can occur as a result of the global spread of the epidemic.

7- Filmed under the supervision of the World Health Organization in Atlanta.

8- “Bat “transmitted the disease to a pig on a farm before it was transmitted to humans.

9- Eating pig that transmits the virus and not sterilizing hand transmits infection to humans.

10-The spread of the Corona virus escalates the viewings of the movie to millions of viewers due to the accuracy in predicting the spread of infection.


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