Watch … Messi’s video gets more than 5 million views in two hours after his successful challenge to Salah



Argentine captain Barcelona Lionel Messi attracted the attention of his followers through his personal account on “Instagram” today, after he posted a video as part of one of his propaganda campaigns.

Messi published a video of him while filming a new advertisement for a soft drink company, and the Argentine magician used two cans of the drink to keep up with the challenge he had played hours before the Egyptian Mohamed Salah, Liverpool star, who is also participating in the announcement of the company itself.

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Messi has already succeeded in the challenge of installing the two packages diagonally on top of each other in a way that requires a lot of accuracy, and the video was watched by more than 5 million people within only two hours of its publication.

Whereas, the challenge clip published by Salah (used two containers and a ball) saw about 2.7 million people within 21 hours.

It is reported that Messi and Salah appeared in a joint announcement to the same company earlier.

Source: Agencies


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