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Egyptian series has become one of the concern of the Arab citizen, where we will present to you the 26th episode of the 26th Big Brother series, where drama lovers are searching for the Big Brother series episode 26, where the series fans were waiting for the date of the presentation of the twenty-sixth episode of the Big Brother series, where the most watched series came out from among Series.

The Big Brother series

The Big Brother series touches on a social story that can happen in public life. The Big Brother series talks about a young man known as “Harbi” who embodies his character, the artist Mohamed Ragab, who is the big brother of two sisters, Heba Magdy and the child Jannat Muhammad, and also Harbi faces many difficult circumstances. In his life, but he stands before it until he got rid of crises, but the difficulties and harsh conditions of life abound on him.

The series is directed by the great brother artist, Mohamed Ragab, and co-starring with Aiten Amer, Abeer Sabry, Heba Magdy, Dina Fouad, Mohamed Ezz, Ashraf Zaki, Mahmoud Hegazy, Ehab Fahmy, Randa El-Behery, Hajar Ahmed, Ahmed Halawa, and authored by Ahmed Abdel Fattah. And directed by Ismail Farouk.

The Big Brother series

The Big Brother series issued Arab search lists, especially in Egypt, after the recent episodes witnessed new developments in the events of the series.

The Big Brother series achieved great success at the level of the Egyptian drama, as the Big Brother series is one of the Egyptian series that many people love to watch.

The Big Brother series

The events of episode 26 of the series Big Brother Muhammad Ragab witnessed many developments, as Harbi decided to surrender to the police, in order to save his father from the murder in which he was accused.

The episode also witnesses an attempt to kill Nour, who plays the role of artist Aiten Amer, as she is the only witness in the case, but Saber stands beside her in completing the events of the big brother series, episode 25.

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