“We have carried out the largest military maneuvers,” said Samir Faraj, revealing the reasons for the progress of Tass


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Tuesday 04 February 2020

Books – Mohamed Gomaa:

Major General Samir Farag, the former Director of Moral Affairs, said that the progress of the Egyptian armed forces in the world rankings of the most powerful armies to reach the ninth place, is a great day in the history of the Egyptian armed forces.

Faraj added, during a telephone interview with the “Liberation Hall” program, today, Tuesday, that the “Qadir 2020” maneuver and the joint exercises carried out by the Egyptian army with other countries have had a role in the advancement of the armed forces in the global classification, in addition to new weapons and equipment, and they are also larger A country that carried out joint military exercises with other countries.

The military expert stated that “Global Fire Power”, which set up the arrangement is specialized in the field, and the classification is limited to conventional weapons and does not include nuclear, noting that the armed forces advanced two places in the world rankings of the most powerful armies during 2020, as Egypt moved from 11th to 9th. .

Faraj added that the Egyptian army is the strongest in the Middle East and the Arab region, followed by Turkey, which ranked 13th globally, and the Egyptian army is ahead of it with four centers, while the Israeli army occupies the fifth regionally and eighteenth globally.

It is noteworthy that the “Global Fire Power”, which specializes in classifications of armies globally, mentioned today, Tuesday, in its latest report on the list of the most powerful armies in the world, the Egyptian army advanced internationally to climb to the 9th position among the 10 most powerful armies in the world, bypassing the armies of Brazil, Germany, Turkey and Iran And Israel, which ranked 18th in the world.

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