We play it silently … The Khamisi meeting opposes Hani Shaker’s decision


The artist participated in a meeting with her, via her personal account on the Instagram application, through which she commented on the decision of the artist Hani Shaker, to prevent festivals from presenting these types of songs.

And I met Al-Khamisi, in her publication:For the first time, I speak and say my humble opinion about anything you need! The world is based on the topic of Shakosh, the song and the party in the stadium and Valentine’s Day. 1- I don’t agree with a singer who took a statement before this censorship and would present a popular color to him and a wide audience .. On the contrary, I support his embrace and agree with him that he chooses the song’s words carefully as long as I have the certainty that it is possible to benefit the country in evaluating the audience ..

I mean, we play it with obedience, and it continues to present its art, but with words that are purely popular and easy to dismiss.

And she continued: «2- Two stays, the stadium is a very important place. So, a football campus, which means its party is progressing in it, must remain up to its status because the party was also exposed to the air .. I do not see, in my opinion, that the concert was primarily located in the stadium, but if we assume that there is no other, it remains necessary to choose the singers and artists.

A concert offered to the air for an entire people, it remains I who chose a facade for the world and for the people ».

She added:An Egyptian singer is successful in his country and internationally successful. “I am not a singer of festivals, because this is one of the colors of the richness, but he is not the facade of the original Egyptian art that I have been portraying as a person for years. The idea of ​​choice, timing and location … is the correct one. But forbid a singer, why does an audience sing? I don’t see this solution. The solution is to embrace and he is heading right as long as he has a wide audience and can benefit from it.

It is reported that the artist Hani Shaker, “Captain of Musical Professions”, He responded To demand the public to prevent festivals from singing, and issued a new statement warning against dealing with these people.


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