We publish the first photos of the hotel dedicated to quarantine in Egypt and health reveal the secret of Matruh’s choice of place


Today, the period of quarantine period for Egyptians returning from the Chinese city of Wuhan, classified by the World Health Organization as the source of the Corona virus, ends, as the returning Egyptians stayed for two whole weeks, in a hotel in Marsa Matruh, which was allocated by the Egyptian Ministry of Health To be a place of residence for the Egyptians returning from China as a place for the 14-day quarantine procedures, we monitor with you through the following lines some pictures and information about that residence hotel, and we also reveal the secret of the selection of Marsa Matrouh governorate specifically to accommodate the suspect of having Corona there.

The first photos of the hotel dedicated to the quarantine in Matruh

The Quarantine Hotel in Matrouh
The Quarantine Hotel in Matrouh

The events started on Monday, February 3, when Egypt sent a private plane to the Chinese city of Wuhan, whose mission was to bring all the Egyptians residing in it and return them to the homeland, which was already done, where 306 Egyptian citizens returned on this plane coming to Egypt, after Upon their arrival, they were transferred to the quarantine of the aforementioned hotel in the city of Marsa Matruh, and they set a period of 14 days for quarantine, to ensure that they were infected with the Corona virus.

Quarantine hotel for Egyptians returning from China

The Quarantine Hotel in Matrouh
The Quarantine Hotel in Matrouh

High-quality preventive and medical measures provided by the Egyptian Ministry of Health and its apparatus that worked diligently to care for Egyptians residing in the quarantine of Marsa Matruh Hotel, where medical examinations were performed every 8 hours, equivalent to 3 times daily, while the number of children who are in the stone was estimated About 60 children.

The Quarantine Hotel in Matrouh
The Quarantine Hotel in Matrouh

The reason for choosing Marsa Matruh as the seat of the quarantine

And on the reason for choosing Marsa Matrouh city to be without the other Egyptian cities and governorates a quarantine center for returnees from China who are suspected of being infected with the Corona virus, Dr. Hala Zayed said that the reason for this is due to the remote environment of Marsa Matrouh, as well as its distance from the high population densities found in Many provinces

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