What about preparations for this season? What about the effect of the Corona virus?


Here we are at the beginning of the holy month of Rajab, where the beginning of the peak of the Umrah season begins. Despite the beginning of this season from last November, the beginning of the month of Rajab until the arrival of Ramadan has its own holiness in the hearts of Muslims, where the night of Isra and Al-Mi’raj in the month of Rajab, and the night of the half of Sha`ban, as well as the month of Ramadan and the night of destiny, which works to increase Note in the number of pilgrims on these blessed days.

Preparations of the Ministry of Tourism for the minor pilgrimage season

Then the Ministry of Tourism, in cooperation with the Chamber of Tourism Companies, is preparing to monitor the various tourism companies to find out their commitment to the program announced on the electronic systems of the Ministry of Tourism. All companies must adhere to the dates of trips back and forth and any amendment without prior notification and approval will be considered a violation that deserves the penalty that can amount to canceling the license of the violating tourism company.

The start of the Umrah Season: What about preparations for this season? What about the effect of the Corona virus? 1
The beginning of the Umrah Season

Basil Al-Sisi, Vice President of the Chamber of Tourism Companies, stated that the turnout for performing Umrah this year is a big turnout, as the number of Egyptian pilgrims has so far reached 310 thousand pilgrims. This indicates that this season is progressing naturally and distinctively.

He added that the demand for Umrah is so great that Ramadan trips are almost complete in tourism companies. As well as fully prepared to run Rajab and Shaaban.

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For his part, he stressed that the spread of the Corona virus does not have any negative impact on the performance of pilgrims, as Egypt and Saudi Arabia are cooperating to take precautionary measures against that virus. He pointed out that Saudi Arabia has been able to deal with the crises of avian and swine flu before and other viruses, and the rituals of Hajj and Umrah took place in light of its natural spread.

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