WhatsApp turns off the messaging service on millions of phones



A large number of users of “WhatsApp” owned by “Facebook” today were surprised, with a black message when it opened, saying that the application does not support this phone, and recommends moving to another phone as of early February.

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WhatsApp users were shocked this morning, as the popular chat app recently stopped working on a number of older iPhone and Android models.

The famous instant messaging application will not work with phones running old versions of operating systems in “Apple” and “Android” phones starting Saturday, on the pretext of a major new update on “WhatsApp”.

If you are experiencing this problem, this could mean a large bill as you will have to purchase a new phone to continue accessing your messages and contacts.

A number of users criticized the “WhatsApp” method by forcing users to buy new phones and stopping the application on old phones, which are still used by millions around the world.

When opening the application on old phones that are not supported, a black screen appeared saying: “You cannot use WhatsApp on this phone anymore, because WhatsApp does not support it. Click here for information about moving to another phone powered by WhatsApp.”

For “iPhone” phones, “WhatsApp” has stopped working on any device that supports version 8 of iOS and earlier, but a number of phones are able to update the version and convert it to the ninth version of the operating system to enjoy application services, which are iPhone 6, 6 Plus, 5C, iPhone 5 and 4S.

With regard to iPhone 4 and earlier versions, it will not be able to update, and will lose support for WhatsApp once and for all.

For phones running the Android operating system, the WhatsApp pause will include devices running an earlier version of 4.0.3, which was launched in 2011, and is known as the “ice cream sandwich”.

The company said in a post: “Although these portable devices were an important part of our story, they do not provide the capabilities that we need to expand the features of the application in the future, and this was a difficult decision for us, but it is the right decision in order to give people a better way to stay in touch.” With friends, family and loved ones. ”



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