Why did God forbid eating cats and dogs? Scientific miracle proved by Chinese scholars


Ruling on eating cats and dogs Why has God forbidden to eat cats and dogs? These things are forbidden to be eaten most likely. In Sahih and others on the authority of Abu Thalba Al-Khushni, Abu Hurairah and Ibn Abbas, may God be pleased with them, that the Messenger of God, may God bless him and grant him peace, forbade all susceptible from the saba’a. And in Ibn Abbass narration in Sahih Muslim and others: Every person who has a canine is one of the seven, so eating it is forbidden.

In his narration also in Sahih Muslim that the Messenger of God – may God’s prayers and peace be upon him – forbade “from every one who has a canine of the seven, and from every one who has a claw of a bird”, And enter in all the dog and the canine.

Some of the appellants question the scientific miracle of Ibn Abbas, may God be pleased with him On the authority of them: “The Messenger of God, may God bless him and grant him peace, forbade the day of Khyber from eating anyone who tusked from The seven, and for every bird-clawed, ”claiming that diseases should not be intimidated That eating these animals may cause, as well as that God Almighty has permitted eating All hunting for non-Muharram, and did not specify that he is a predator or a predator or something else, so Almighty said: «The righteousness of hunting is forbidden to you as long as you are forbidden.»(The Table / 96).

Some of them also claim that the verse: «Say I do not find in what has been revealed to the taboo on the feeder feed only be dead or blood poured forth or pork, or it is an abomination to the people of adultery is by God» (Al-An’am / 145) benefit the inventory, and then the Qur’an was not forbidden Animals except pork, so how does the hadith contradict the Qur’an and brings animals? Other forbidden did not mention the Qur’an ?!

Suspicion face:

The hadeeth “It is forbidden to eat every person who has a canine from the seven, and every person who has a claw of birds” is above The degree of health, which indicates the prohibition of eating flesh of prey, which is what the public has said Scientists. Hence, the Almighty saying: “It is forbidden to fish righteousness as long as you are Forbidden »means hunting animals that are free to eat, not absolute hunting, either Animals that are not eaten are permissible to hunt only for the purpose of benefiting from them, and as for his saying Almighty: «Say I do not find in what is revealed to me forbidden for a feeder feeding him except that he is dead Or spilled blood or pork », it does not benefit all inventory of forbidden Absolutely foods, because the verse Meccan, came in the context of contradicting some of the words of polytheists, It also came in the form of the past tense “Say I can’t find” (Al-Anam: 145); that is, at that time, As for what the hadith came to be prohibited, it came down after that, because the Sunnah of the Prophet has legislation Independent of what the Qur’an kept silent about. Hence, there is no contradiction between the hadith and the verse.

Accordingly, the prohibition on eating flesh of prey has a rule and reason, which is what modern science has revealed When it has been proven that eating this meat causes deadly diseases, and it affects the eating of something with Fierceness and a tendency to violence, so what is this legislative miracle ?!

Scientific facts:

Modern science has shown that prey meat carries many parasites that cause Serious diseases for those who eat them, and these parasites:

1- The parasitoid capillary nativa: this parasite spreads between polar foxes and bears, It affects a person immediately after eating the meat of these animals or animals incubating this The parasite is secondary to cats.

2- Semi-helical capillaries: These parasites are spread (Tricnelia black And cipralis) in birds of prey (with claw), and human infection then Eat the flesh of these birds, such as eagles, eagles, hawks, and more.

3- Parasite of Trichinella Nelson: * This parasite is spread in hyenas, jackals, and tigers, Lions, and some other predators.

Most human infections in Africa are caused by eating domestic pork And Al-Wahshi, they are secondary incubators of the Trichinella parasite because they are feeding on Carrion

There is no doubt that these parasites cause serious diseases, as we have said, from these diseases The newly emerging lethal SARS disease that has swept China and Southeast Asia, has spread To other regions of the world, even the most tremendous panic of all people, has proven Recent studies have shown that it is the result of eating flesh of dogs and dogs, according to what was announced; It was titled “SARS, caused by the Chinese eating cats and dogs Wild, “scientists from China and Hong Kong said that the virus that causes pneumonia is A.Typically, SARS may be transmitted to humans from civet cats and raccoon dogs.

China Radio reported that five of the ten animal dealers were among five They examined them in Guangdong Province, southern China, and they found SARS virus The disease originated from the Guangdong province on the Hong Kong border, but an expert is an organization Global Health Bob Dietz said: Commenting on his findings The researchers are premature, and Dietz stated: “The possibility of transmission through The animal was a possibility, and the comment is still premature. “He said: The association of the virus with animals was in the minds of many when experts visited the organization Global health is a local market, and they spoke with officials in Guang Dong Province Last month, he added, experts should still see the report Detailed study prepared by the researchers before assessing their findings.

China Radio quoted Shuang Xiong, head of the disease control unit, in Shenzhen City, Guangdong Province, the results of the analysis of samples taken from Three of the six civet cats showed they were showing signs of the SARS virus, and were scrapped Shenzhen City all animal trade licenses, said the microbiologist University of Hong Kong Yuen Kwok Young told reporters: The researchers have isolated coronary fever It has to do with SARS in civet cat animals, but the fear is that SARS may spread Pet Road made the authorities in Beijing and other cities order to collect cats Stray dogs and other animals are killing them, as owners of animals have paid Pets to give up their animals.

The International Fund for Animal Welfare stated on its website that the panic of SARS has forced hundreds of cat and dog owners in Beijing to give up Their animals, for fear that they might be the source of the deadly disease. According to organized statistics Global Health: SARS has killed about 700 people, infected more than Eight thousand others around the world.

In addition to the foregoing, modern dietetics has demonstrated that peoples gain some The characteristics of the animals that eat them, because their meat contains toxins and internal secretions that apply In blood, and it moves to the stomach of humans and affects their morals, because it has been shown thatWhen a predator is concerned with seizing its prey, it produces hormones and substances in its body Help him to fight and capture prey.

Dr. S. says Liebig – Professor of Dietetics in Britain: “This is Exudate is released into the animal’s body even when it is trapped in a cage, when it is given a piece Meat in order to eat it. “He explained his theory by saying: You only have to visit a garden Once upon a time, animals look at the tiger during its rough nervous movements during Cut the piece of meat and chew it, so you see the picture of anger and breakdown painted on its face, Then return your sight to the elephant and monitor its depository state when it eats while playing with Children and visitors, look at the lion and compare its oppression and ferocity with sentences and meekness.

People were notified of prey meat or other forbidden meat Islam has eaten it, it suffers from a kind of ferocity and a tendency to violence, even without reason Except the desire to shed blood.

Studies and research have confirmed this phenomenon on the barbaric tribes that Such meats continue to eat so much that some of them become virulent and eat meat Humans, as those studies and research also ended up with another phenomenon in these

Tribes and they suffer from a kind of sexual chaos, and the lack of jealousy on the sex The other, as well as a lack of respect for the family system and the issue of honor and honor, is a situation closer To the life of these predators, as the male attacks the other male from The herd and kill it so that it can have its female, until another male is more young and energetic And force, killing the former rapist male and so on.

Perhaps eating pork is one of the reasons for the lack of sexual zeal among Europeans. And the emergence of many cases of homosexuality, such as: the exchange of wives and marriage Collective. It is well known that if the pig is raised in clean pens, then it is left free In order to graze in the woods, he returns to his roots, eating the carcass and the dead he finds On his way; rather, he is more satisfied with the legumes and potatoes that he is used to eating in Clean sterile barns, which is why the pig’s body contains worms And parasites and microbes of various types, as well as increasing the proportion of uric acid that is It is excreted, which is transferred to the body of the one who eats his flesh.

The correspondence between the facts of science and what the hadith referred to:

For the sake of the Islamic Sharia, tolerance and protection of human health, it has been forbidden He has to eat from certain animals in exchange for another that is permissible to eat – and they are very many

Among these animals that are forbidden to eat are: Al-Jawareh; for Abdullah bin Abbas, Radhi God, on their behalf, said: “The Messenger of God, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him, forbade anyone who has a canine Sibaa ‘, and on the authority of each claw of Bird », and came from another way, stating that the prohibition is related Eating them. On the authority of Ibn Abbas, may God be pleased with them, he said: “The Messenger of God – may God bless him And blessings and peace- on a day Khaybar from eating each of the canine from the seventy, and from each of the claw of The bird ».

Here the plagues raised their resemblance, saying: This hadith is invalid by the evidence of God Almighty saying:And it is forbidden for you to fish righteousness as long as you are forbidden. ”(Al-Maidah: 96), in which food is permitted from Hunting absolutely forbidden without specifying that it is predatory or prey, or otherwise, And some of them inferred by the Almighty saying: «Say I do not find in what was revealed to me forbidden for a feeder to feed him Except that he is dead, or blood spilled, or pork. ”(Al-An’am: 145), which is not forbidden It contains animal meat other than pork, aiming at denial Scientific miracles in the hadith.

The Fatwa Committee of the Islamic Research Council said that eating flesh of dogs and cats is not permissible according to Islamic law, which is confirmed by the words of the Messenger of God, may God bless him and grant him peace:

And the committee in its answer to a question: “What Ruling on eating cats and dogs?, As stated in Sahih Muslim that the Messenger of God – may God’s prayers and peace be upon him – “forbade eating every tusk of a saba’a …”, and every tusk is included: the dog and the cat, meaning: (the cat) as narrated by al-Tirmidhi and Abu Dawud from the hadith of Jabir – May God be pleased with him – and others said: “The Prophet – may God bless him and grant him peace – forbade eating the cat …” (the cat).

She affirmed that what was raised about the permissibility of eating dog meat and cats attributed to the doctrine of the Malikis is not correct, but the correct in the doctrine of Malikiyah what came in the footsteps of Imam Malik from the prohibition of eating dogs and cats and all of the canine of the seven, as is the doctrine of the public, so in al-Muwatta – the account of Yahya- He said: The chapter on the prohibition of eating every person who has a canine from the seven, and the committee continued: Imam Malik said: This is the matter with us – meaning the people of the city – and this is the most correct saying of the strength of his evidence and the approval of the public, and it is forbidden to eat meat of dogs and cats, and what is attributed to the doctrine of the Maliki masters The legalization of eating is not correct.

Dr. Abbas Shoman, the former agent of Al-Azhar, stated that one of the issues that arises from time to time and does not need to be raised because of the unsuccessful societal buzz it raises: the issue of eating flesh of cats and dogs and the like, and some decide that it is permissible to eat these animals.

“Shoman” explained that those who argue that depend on two things, namely: The first: The Holy Qur’an did not expressly prohibit it, but rather prohibited certain things, namely: the dead, the blood, and the pork, for what he said – Almighty – “Say: I do not find in what is revealed to me that is forbidden.” fed only be dead or blood poured forth or pork, or it is an abomination to the people of adultery is forced by God, he is not returned Bagh, the Lord is Forgiving, Merciful »as well as valves of non-legitimate embers and slaughter him as saying to the Almighty:« campus T you dead, blood, pork, and the people to God by the Almnknqp and Moqozp and deteriorating and Alntihp and eat seven, but what Zkeetm and the slaughter of the monument and Tstksmwa arrows; that is debauch despaired today those who disbelieve from your religion is not Tkhcohm and Akhcon today you completed your religion and completed My favor upon you and chosen Islam owes you a debt ۚ so whoever is forced into debt Gianf for sin, Allah is Forgiving, Merciful »where they see it as long as not provided for in the verses that it is forbidden for cats, dogs and the like do not have to eat these forbidden things, because the basic principle things only contained text forbids.

He continued: The second thing that they rely on: The permissibility of eating these things in the Maliki school, which is also attributed to some companions such as Aisha, Omar and Ibn Abbas, which is the view of Imam Al-Awza’i also. Al-Qurtubi said: “The account differed from that of Malik in the flesh of donkeys, donkeys, and mules. He once said: It is forbidden, because it was forbidden by him, peace be upon him, about it, and it is correct to say what is in the footsteps. He once said: It is makrooh, and it is the apparent meaning of the blog because of the apparent meaning of the verse.

He declared that This is inferred by those who are deceived by eating these things, and it is answered by the following: First: Their saying that there is no prohibition except with a text, and where these things are not mentioned in the Book of God and they are at the origin of permissibility, it is returned to him that the text on their prohibition is present and is his saying – may God bless him and grant him peace – in the two Sahih and in the footsteps of Imam Malik Anoun: He said: The door of prohibition Eating every person who is a prophet from the seventy .. On the authority of Abu Hurairah that the Messenger of God, peace and blessings of God be upon him, said: “Eating every person who is a prophet from the seventh.”

He continued: This hadith, which represents a comprehensive rule for what is forbidden to eat, and fixed by a text from the purified sunnah as fixed by a text from the Noble Qur’an, saying that these things are resolved because there is no stipulated text on it is a slander and denial of the year that is the source of the second legislation after the Book of God.

He added: The second: As for their saying that it is permissible to solve eating cats and dogs and the like based on the opinion of the Maliki school and some of the predecessors, it is answered by him: that in return there is the opinion of the majority of jurists who say that it is forbidden to eat it and it is correct in the Maliki school itself as stated in the text of the aforementioned Al-Qurtubi, and as stipulated in it Imam Malik himself after mentioning the hadith of prohibition in his footsteps. Verification proves the multiplicity of narratives in the Maliki school on the permissibility of eating these animals. There are three opinions: The prohibition is forbidden, hatred, and permissibility, and it is proven that the imam of the doctrine is the prohibition, because Imam Malik is the owner of the foothold and one of the sheriffs of the Sunnah has In it he narrated a hadith prohibiting all the tusks Anyone who has a claw in the footsteps: -: The door to the prohibition of eating every person who is a prophet from the seventh day .. On the authority of Abu Hurairah that the Messenger of God, may God bless him and grant him peace, said: Who said: Malik said: It is the matter with us.

And Abizaid: This is Imam Malik, the sheikh of the school of thought, meaning in his footstep a door stipulates that it is forbidden and confirms after mentioning the hadith that this is his opinion, and therefore the loading of his doctrine other than what he stated and his handwriting is not in his hand, and even if it is proven another saying about him or one of his companions or On the authority of the Companions, the lesson of what was proven by the text among the masses of jurists, including Imam Malik himself, and the prohibition of these things has been proven in its text, so there is no room for saying that it should be resolved, otherwise it was an ijtihad with the text which is invalid.

Third: In our law, the general taste and what the normal soul accepts and what it recovers are taken into account, and the fatwa changes in matters of jurisprudence whenever the norms and tastes of people and what their souls and what they accept are changed.

He cautioned that it is necessary to separate several things that some people confuse among them: linking talk about the impurity of these animals and their purity and the rule of eating them, so the owners say that the dog is pure and forbids eating it on the right, as well as the separation between the rule of eating it and the rule of using it, as cats benefit from it in combating Rodents, for example, and dogs, which may be used for guarding and hunting, and the prohibition of eating does not require the prohibition of acquisition and use of them, as it is necessary to separate between the prohibition of eating these animals and compassion for them, then it is an obligation, and torturing them or killing them unless they are harmful is prohibited. fire.

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