With 3 fire trucks … controlling the fire of the Faculty of Law, Cairo University – Egypt


Dr. Mohamed Othman El-Khasht, President of Cairo University, explained that the General Operations Department of the Administrative Security of the University received a notification of a fire in the Control Room of the Faculty of Law (Third Group A), and that all the elements of administrative security in the colleges and institutes of the campus were called fire extinguishers to control the situation in coordination with Law School Security Administration.

The President of Cairo University confirmed that the limited fire was controlled by administrative security, and the General Administration of Civil Protection supported the university with 3 fire engines and 2 ambulances.

It is mentioned that the preliminary report confirms that the cause of the fire is a short circuit in the wooden wall as a result of the burning of the fan attached to it. As a result, the fan was damaged only without any other significant losses.

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